Popular Gaming Consoles

Popular Gaming Consoles

A video game console is an electronics or computer device which outputs either a regular video signal or graphical image to a display to view a game that one or many other people are able to play via some sort of game controller plugged into the personal computer. Game consoles are widely available both for purchase in stores and for rent. For the most part, game consoles can be broken down into three distinct categories. There is the system which provides the video display, there is the game controller which the individual plays with and then there is the video memory which records all of the game information and changes it as the game is being played. Some games require more than one of these components to be fully functioning.

Arcade style games were one of the first types of games consoles to be released onto the public, and they were popular not only with adults but also with children. Arcade games generally used two or more controllers. The earliest arcade games console was the Pong arcade machine, which was released in the 1970s.

Consoles such as the Atari line and Play channel have evolved greatly from their predecessors. One of the first games consoles to use memory cartridges was the Nintendo Entertainment System. Early games systems had limited capabilities and had to be stored away when they were finished. They could not be borrowed or resold. As time passed more advancements in technology allowed for advancements in game consoles.

Today, there are dozens of different gaming consoles on the market. The xbox family of products offers many gaming options. The best selling Xbox 360 has many options for people who enjoy playing video games. One of the more recent games consoles to be released is the PlayStation 4. The PlayStation brand is well known for high quality production and this latest model is no exception.

The PlayStation 4 can support up to four players and allows for downloads of hundreds of video games. It can connect to the internet so that gamers can easily purchase games online. Many video games companies are now releasing games for the new consoles. There are more than forty titles available for the Xbox 360 and nearly eighty titles for the PlayStation 4. With new titles being added each month, gamers are sure to find a great gaming experience with these two top selling gaming consoles.

The Nintendo Switch is a smaller version of the Xbox console. It offers the same basic features as the other two but is only capable of playing games using its built in Wi-Fi connection. Because of this feature it is often considered a cheaper alternative to the Xbox. Because of the sales of the Nintendo Switch last year it is now the hottest gaming console according to Metacritic. Both the PS3 and Xbox 360 are expected to top the Wii in sales during the holidays this year.