Exciting News Games Based on Spain

Exciting News Games Based on Spain

News games, sometimes called news puzzles, are a sub-genre of online games which attempt to apply certain journalistic standards to their production. They may fall into several categories, such as historical, current events, investigative, simulations of real-life situations, and trivia and puzzle games. They have gained popularity among online players who seek a good dose of news and current affairs. Many of these games are social networking games where users compete with each other to be the first to complete a series of challenges. Other news games are purely action-packed games in which the player is required to click the mouse at the right time and make the right decisions to solve the puzzle. Some popular news games are Lemonade Tycoon, which tasks the player with building an economic and business empire; Mafia Wars, which tasks the player with creating a crime family and escalating it from a small family to a powerful criminal syndicate; and Cityville, which challenge the player to build a bustling city from scratch using available resources.

In the age of click and share, news games have also found their way into the realm of social networking. These websites are actually an extension of Facebook; however, they extend to news and factual content instead of images and text. In fact, news games on these sites are no different from their Facebook cousins, in terms of game features and objectives. Players are often given a limited number of free messages and limited number of free photo uploads and must then engage in conversations with other players over a limited period of time.

One of the most popular new games on the Spanish-speaking web is Ciles De Los Limousines. It is essentially a game of travel, where the player takes on the task of traveling around Spain, visiting its cities and learning about their culture. The game presents you with three distinct options for travel, each presenting you with a new city to explore. You can explore Madrid first, learning about its culture from the locals and the various places of interest in the area. You can then travel to Barcelona, taking on the second task of experiencing the Spanish life there.

Another interesting Spanish news game based on history is Pecos con Teclaro, better known as PECOS and STEPHAS. This title is a desktop-based role playing game where players assume the role of a waiter and embark on quests around Spain, trying to complete tasks and earn money along the way. As in other news games of this type, you are able to earn money by completing various quests and challenging levels within the game. The real draw, however, lies in the game’s historical authenticity, as you get to step into the shoes of various Spanish politicians, religious figures and others during different points in history. For example, you may decide to become a Pope or a king depending on your chosen faction.

Another exciting title for those looking for news games with Spain in them is Las Nodes, which means Net Detective. In this game, you will need to investigate crimes that have occurred in different cities all over Spain. After finding the criminals’ hideout, you will have to interact with everyone in order to learn more about each person and what caused their crimes. You can find many different endings depending on how you complete each scenario, and there is even one ending that lets you choose between three outcomes: being either an accessory to the crime, an accomplice, or a whistleblower. Finishing all of these scenarios will earn you the highest score possible, which you can see on the leaderboards of each city.

Most news games feature a mixture of action, adventure, mystery, romance, and more. Regardless of the subject matter of the game you play, you can be sure that a news game based on Spain will not disappoint you. In fact, many experts believe that learning about Spanish through these types of games can help stimulate brain activity and help improve memory. So the next time you get stuck for words during a news report, instead of turning to the dictionary, turn to your computer and play a few news games based on Spain.